Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need to provide food for your group?
A: It’s not necessary, we can bring our own food but we appreciate it if you can provide a meal.

Q: Do you provide a projector for your audio visual presentation?
A: No, we don’t bring projector during the event.

Q: Do we need to meet up to finalize the deal?
A: Yes, it’s important that we meet up to finalize the deal and to tackle every thing that needs clarification. One hour meet up at any mall/coffee shop around the metro is fine.

Q: When do we pay the initial payment.
A: The initial payment should be paid when we close the deal.

Q: How long before we receive the deliverable (Album, video DVD and DVD of all shots)?
A: All the deliverable are to be given 1-2 months after the wedding.

Q: Why does it take you 1-2 months to process the deliverable?
A: This will include the selection of photos by the client. The client should select the photos that will be edited and will be included to the album. We give one month allowance to the album printing after we edit and submit the pictures to the supplier.

Q: What if the couples choose to shoot out of town for the pre-nup session or save the date video?
A: There will be an additional out of town fee minimum of Php 2,500.

Q: Is there an out of town fee for weddings outside Metro Manila?
A: Yes, the OOT fee is minimum of Php 2,500.

Q: You are already booked for that date, do you have another team or group to shoot my event?
A: No we don’t have another team/group.


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